Forrest Olson - Art & Design / 425.677.5669 / - Available For Commission

Seattle based visual artist who is self-training his abilities and technique in oil painting, illustration, and design.


"Through art, I intend to open the eyes of the viewer into the question of who and what they are. The painting reflects, like a mirror, revealing insight into ones own hidden psyche. I hope my paintings may help others become aware of their own true nature, unlocking the artist within. Ultimately I aspire to create a potency in art for an awakening humanity and paint colorful visions to help guide the world beyond."


"Art is about the manifestation of an artist's unfolding spirit. The artist is one commited to the unfolding. A piece of Art is an expression developed out of self exploration, a mind-revealing material interaction spontaneously brought into form and thus is unmistakably unique every time if it is to be considered a work of Art. Design is another thing all together in which techniques are used to achieve the desired effect though exploitation of the human psyche. The boundries of art and design can be harmoniously blurred to create very effective work."


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Located at the Praxis Arts Collective in Seattle, Washington

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